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a location based mobile-game

2013 I got the offer to work at a start-up in Munich. The idea was to created a location based mobile-game where users can create and play riddles to a specific location.

I mainly worked on the webclient, landing page and mobile pages, but also had my first experience with native Android coding.

Make A Move

a serious game

In the summer term 2013 seven other students and I had to develop the concept and demo-version of a "serious game."

We decided to make a "how to flirt"-game with real-time feedback, using the Microsoft Kinect.
The demo-scenario is in a bar, where a man has to be flirtatious with a women.


used software

Unity3d(C#), ZigFu Plugin, Cinema4D

ATA Landsberg

image film

For the ATA Landsberg, an educational institution on agricultural field we produced a short clip. The laboratories offered some nice scenes, to arouse some interest for potential students.

Augmented Frequency Inverter

augmented reality iOS application

On this project I worked during my internship at buero bewegt. To show the people the functions of the offered product, we built an augmented reality application. In the app the visitors were able to integrate some other parts with the frequency inverter.


used software

Unity3d(C#), String-SDK, Cinema4D

Car Info Terminal

multitouch application

The first project I worked on during my internship at bürobewegt. The application mainly shows the on-board power supply from a car and some oft the parts connected to this network. On the other hand there is a configurator for the interior.


used software

Unity3d(C#), Cinema4D

Turncable Beginners


Summer 2012 I worked on a short clip for the Turncable in Thannhausen, Germany. The clip shows the order of events at a beginners course there.

Billy The Bot

3D character animation

My first character animation during my study. In a group out of eight students, each should build a character playing in the same story. Our topic has been 'robots', and billy is the hero.


used software

Maya, AfterEffects


3D animation

During my study I had to realize some animations with Autodesk Maya.
One challenge has been to display a bloodflow with blood cells and other bodys. The particles flowing around colide with the vein and each other what causes random motions.


used software

Maya, AfterEffects

Little Big World

greenscreen workshop

The University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg offers a greenscreen studio. A task during our study was to create some short clips using the greenscreen.


used software


Marmelade makes you smile

99 fire films award

2012 we attended the '99-fire-films-award'. The challenge was to produce a 99sec short film in 99 hours. The topic of the award was 'put a smile on your face!'
Unfortunately working fast means doing mistakes. Of course 'marmelade' is not the correct translation for the German 'Marmelade' - but honestly: 'marmelade' sounds much better here than jam...



short film

2011 we attended the 'schwäbischen Jugendfilmfestspielen' in Augsburg. The short film deals with two old friends meeting each other in a pub. Both went from their rural home to the city and talk about past times.
Assigned with the special price 'home' and invited to the 'Bayerischen Jugenfilmfestspielen 2012' in Kulmbach.